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Join Adam and Scott, two elite level age group athletes and triathlon coaches with SuperFly coaching for the latest in triathlon training and racing information including interviews with professional and elite level age group triathletes.

On today's show, Iott and Zucco interview Training Bible Medical Director Dr. John Post.  We discuss the use and abuse of NAIDS for endurance athletes, training with torn or missing meniscus, and hotspots on your feet when riding.  Also, we debate an article that says running may cause pre-mature death in athletes and the topic of Kenesio tape and it's benefits. 

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss targeting VO2 max in your training.  We hit on what that means, how to determine or estimate output at VO2 max, and key VO2 max sessions.  Also, as a part of our holiday special, we highlight great last minute gifts for your athlete. 

Goal mile week #9:  600 @ GP, 400 @ 10k pace, 600 @ GP  then 7 x 400 meters with 60 seconds recovery in between

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss performance testing in a lab setting AND in the field.  Come along as we tell about our very recent experiences with each type of peformance test on the bike.  We also interview Ryan Bolton on the benefits of a winter training camp. 

Goal mile week #8:  500 @ GP, 200 @ 10k pace, 200 @ GP, 200 @ 10k pace, 500 @ goal pace.  400 easy, then 6 x 400 at 5k pace with 60 sec recovery in between.

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss some key characteristics of a good coach/athlete relationship, including using communication and athlete feedback on vital training decisions and the importance of a having a coach not a friend.  We also highlight several good crosstraining activities that can give your mind and body a break from swim, bike, and run.

Goal Mile Week 7:  500 @ Goal Pace, 600 @ 10k pace, 500 @ Goal Pace, 400 easy jog, then 5 x 400 meters with 60 sec recovery

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco give full recap of Ironman Cozumel.  It's a very detailed experience, one where many lessons are learned and can be applied to other long course races.  Our month long giveaway comes to a close with more winners, and we announce goal mile week 5 and 6.

Goal mile #5  400 GP, 800 at 10k pace, 400 GP  5 x 400 with 60 sec recovery.

Goal mile #6  400 GP, 300 at 10k pace, 200 GP, 300 at 10k pace, 400 GP  5 x 400 with 60 seconds recovery.

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