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Join Adam and Scott, two elite level age group athletes and triathlon coaches with SuperFly coaching for the latest in triathlon training and racing information including interviews with professional and elite level age group triathletes.

On today's show, Iott and Zucco interview elite age group athlete Joe Lotus.  We discuss how ways to make training while on business travel easier, how using a group can help make you faster, and several things you can incorporate into your training to make you become more efficient. 

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On Today's show, Scott and Adam discuss the meaning of a limiter and how to identify them.  We also talk about a different approach to training periodization called Conjugate Sequence, and Happy Father's day to all the training dads!!

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On today's show, Scott and Adam share some experiences on how to fight through difficult times in racing.  We also interview Wattie Inc. team and Kona hopeful, JJ Brandsetter.  Finally, we talk about what a limiter is and how to find yours. 

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On today's show, Scott and Adam finish their discussion on qualification for world championship events. We talk baseline metrics that Kona qualifiers typically hit and Scott has an "informal" research study to give some guidence for athletes looking to qualifiy for Kona or Vegas. We also talk about the TBC win at Leon's triathlon and 5 lucky athletes will recieve a 3 month FREE coaching package.  Listen for details!!
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