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Join Adam and Scott, two elite level age group athletes and triathlon coaches with SuperFly coaching for the latest in triathlon training and racing information including interviews with professional and elite level age group triathletes.

On this episode of The SuperFly Podcast Coach Eric sits down with bike fitter Brian Jacobson of Fit2Ride Velo Studio. They cover everything from when to get fit, how to find the best fitter and what your relationship with your fitter should look like. If you're uncomfortable on your current bike or in the market for a new bike check out make sure you hear us out before you make your next move.


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This week, we finally catch up with SuperFly athlete Marathoner_Dale, hot off her Boston finish and already gearing up for her next race, Dale and her coach Eric Turner sit down to chat about her running history, her personalized training plan and her experience at this years Boston Marathon. 

Make sure to check out the show notes for more info or links to some of the things we talk about or reach out to us if you've got any questions.

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