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On today's show, we replay one of our most downloaded shows.  We interview Amy Kubal, a Paleo Diet Nutrionist about getting lean and shedding some winter weight.  Good stuff!!

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco continue our discussion on velocity at Vo2 max this time using swimming as the example.  We also discuss some tips for layering up for the winter and racing strategies for riding rolling hills. 


Velocity at Vo2max SWIMMING

Main set:  10 x 50 ALL OUT with equal recovery  If your 50 time drops more than 10%, end the session. 

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco begin a discussion on good things to do in the offseason training period.  Today we discuss the goals of working on body composition, developing high intensity intervals into your cycling, identifying limiters and a good CrossFit debate. 


VO2 max session #1:  Main set 1-2 x 3 (3 x 1 minute at 130% of threshold) 2-3 minutes of recovery in between each interval

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On today's show Iott and Zucco discuss our race at Ironman Florida. 

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