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Join Adam and Scott, two elite level age group athletes and triathlon coaches with SuperFly coaching for the latest in triathlon training and racing information including interviews with professional and elite level age group triathletes.

Coach Eric joins Adam on the Podcast to chat about coaching issues plaguing not just triathlon, but sports in general. Highlights again by Mary Cain's video in the NYT, the coaches dig into issues in coaching that go well beyond Nike. As always we digress into a scattering of topics from coaching juniors to how to get better at swimming this off season.

We lay out the details for the SuperFly Track Club and some of the run specific training offerings we'll be launching at

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Adam talks to Patrick Merle about his time as a reporter covering Lance Armstrong. As well about getting involved with Haute Route. 
Looking for an exciting way to get in shape!? Come join us in Asheville.
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If you've listened before you know we try to start with a topic, but often end up nowhere near we intended. Today Adam and Jim follow up with the transition topic from last week, Jim highlights Leg Spring Stiffness and so many other awesome perks from Today's Plan and how to improve your Leg Spring and ultimately your run.

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Eric and Adam throw the script out the window from the get go and talk about gender transition in triathlon, new divisions in age group triathlon, a few opinions on Kona results and who knows what else. 

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On today's show we chat about KONA 2019! 

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Dale (@marathoner_dale on insta) stops by with big news and joins Eric for a chat about all things Chicago Marathon! 

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Last year Adam, Scott and Eric sat down for a conversation about the Ironman Wisconsin course. Recorded live at Element Multisport (RIP), the three SuperFly coaches, who have dozens of IMWI races under their belt, deep dive into all the ins and out of how to have your best race day in Madison.

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Today Adam and Eric talk tapers, and mindset. Also how to decide how fast you should go in the race. And of course DBTG

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat about ways to hit the intensities in your workout when you aren't feeling 100%.  Also, we hit on when to stop vs. when to push thru injury issues. 

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On today's show Adam and Tanya talk about how to balance things when you are busy, how to know what level of fatigue you have and if you think you need labs, how to ask your doctor for help. 

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On today's show, Zucco sits down with Eric Turner to discuss finishing fast in training runs, mental engagement during training, and the "ideal" training schedule.  

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On this episode of The SuperFly Podcast Coach Eric sits down with bike fitter Brian Jacobson of Fit2Ride Velo Studio. They cover everything from when to get fit, how to find the best fitter and what your relationship with your fitter should look like. If you're uncomfortable on your current bike or in the market for a new bike check out make sure you hear us out before you make your next move.


Check out the show notes for links and coupon codes.

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This week, we finally catch up with SuperFly athlete Marathoner_Dale, hot off her Boston finish and already gearing up for her next race, Dale and her coach Eric Turner sit down to chat about her running history, her personalized training plan and her experience at this years Boston Marathon. 

Make sure to check out the show notes for more info or links to some of the things we talk about or reach out to us if you've got any questions.

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On today's show, Zucco and Turner discuss some racing and training tips as we transfer into some of the building phases of your training in preps for a BIG triathlon season. 

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat about St. George and expectations when racing early in the season.  

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat about using visualization inside of your training to help with form development, and we hit on a walk/run race plan for early season warm races. 

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Takeaways and learning opportunities from the 2019 Superfly Spring Training Camp.  

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On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat about maintaining your training consistency in the midst of some busy times.  

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SuperFly Coaches Jim Vance and Eric Turner sit down to take a deep dive into Ben Kanute's best 70.3 performance ever, a 4th place finish at 70.3 World Champ's, how Jim is leveraging Today's Plan to get the most of of athlete workouts and what Ben has in store for 2019. 

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Adam and Eric talk about rolling into February and what it means for training as you roll out of the ramp up period and into some big time training. 

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Cryotherapy is a recovery tool that seems to have hit the tipping point in popularity recently, with cryo treatment facilities popping up all over Chicago and beyond. On the expanded pack of the podcast today Coach Eric sits down with Dave Remick of Halo Cryotherapy in the Twin Cities to talk about the benefits of Cryotherapy and how and when to work it into your training schedule.

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Eric launches the first episode of the SuperFly expansion pack, chatting with AMP Human Performance CEO Jeff Byers to talk about their product PR Lotion. They clear the air on some of the myths of lactic acid, what kind of additional testing they need around bicarbonate and how some AMP Human Performance athletes are getting the benefits of PR Lotion.

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