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Join Adam and Scott, two elite level age group athletes and triathlon coaches with SuperFly coaching for the latest in triathlon training and racing information including interviews with professional and elite level age group triathletes.
Metabolic testing expert Doug Bush answers questions from TrainingBible athletes and coaches regarding how metabolic testing can help you determine precise energy use and intake, anaerobic threshold, and just what is meant by respiratory exchange rate.
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The importance of negative splits and the right cycling pacing when encountering winds and hills.
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TBC Coach Dorothy Hamburg answers questions today regarding lactic acid, the body’s use of fat for fuel, and the differences between men’s and women’s training needs.
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Will a high or low cycling cadence coming into T2 improve your run performance, and Joe discusses nutrition amounts and content. From the blog of TrainingBible founder Joe Friel.
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Today’s guest is TrainingBible Coach Tom Rodgers, the former Lead Biomedical Software Engineer for the NASA Human Research Facility, and the author of The Perfect Distance: Guide to Long-Course Triathlon. Tom takes questions regarding aerodynamics, why half-Ironman training is the perfect distance, and his thoughts on endurance athletes on Mars.
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Physical therapist and Training Bible coach Lindsay Zucco takes questions from Training Bible athletes, including inquiries on ice baths, massage, pre-workout stretching, and acupuncture.
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TrainingBible founder Joe Friel takes questions from TrainingBible athletes, including inquiries on cardiac drift, the use of Zone 3 in training, and 10-day training cycles.
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Are you a rear, mid, or forefoot striker? Specific research on how each of these techniques effects your running economy and speed. Also, what is the most important athletic gene you could wish for? From the blog of TrainingBible founder Joe Friel.
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Advantages of mid-foot cleat positioning as opposed to forefoot, and how Q-Rings can remove your "dead spot". From the blog of TrainingBible founder Joe Friel.
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