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Join Adam and Scott, two elite level age group athletes and triathlon coaches with SuperFly coaching for the latest in triathlon training and racing information including interviews with professional and elite level age group triathletes.

Adam and Eric sit down and talk about swimming technology, swim form, goal setting in the times of covid and how to structure some test sets to get the most out of them.

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The year has been up and down, so Adam and Eric sit down and chat about how they are training, how they're coaching their athletes and how they're staying motivated.

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We're back from our podcast social distancing to talk about our shelter in place workouts. SuperFly coach Cesar commited his time to Everesting, ie covering the elevation of Mt. Everest in a single ride. Cesar breaks down what motivated him to take on the challenge and how he prepped for it. 

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Adam and Eric talk technique, training and all things swimming!

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Jim Vance joins the pod with Adam to talk about how they are getting the most out of their data by using Today's Plan

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Adam Zucco and Jim Vance sit down and continue the conversation of AI coaching with Jim's point of view and dive into Today's Plan and how they use utilize it as a tool for training their athletes.

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Coach Eric and Coach Dale chat about Dale's recent half marathon and how they go about doing their goal settings. 

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Adam and Eric are back to talk about the emergence of AI driven coaching and some of the limitations they see. You can't talk about AI without diving into data and how we use it as coaches to inform our athletes training programs. As always they derail into who knows what else, they talk a bit about winter training, how Eric is getting training in as a new dad and trying to get through the tough winter weeks.

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Adam walks through his process for Metabolic V02 testing. It's never too early in your season to start testing and implementing the results into your training. There is a lot of different tests out there so Adam clears the air on the some of the differences and let's us in on his thought process when reviewing a metabolic test. 

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