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On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss mental toughness during training and tips on how to overcome problems with reaching prescribed intensities within training intervals.  We also talk about how comparing your training to those of your friends isn't a good idea.  Lastly, we have part one of our interview with Peter Kotland, a professional triathlete and Ultraman World Champion.


Goal mile week #3:  Main set  13 minutes at 100-105% of FTP, 7 minutes easy spin, then 5 x 90 seconds at BEST POWER with 2 minutes easy in between

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On today's  show, Iott and Zucco recap the 2013 Training Bible Coaching Death Valley camp complete with some good stories.  We also do a course preview on the 70.3 World Championship course and Ironman Louisville. 

Goal Power #2 Main set:  10 minutes at 105-110% of FTP, 5 minutes easy spin, then 5 x 1 minute at BEST POWER with 2 miniutes of easy spinning in between.

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On today's show, Iott sits down with Jay Druml, TrainingBible eltie level coach, to discuss Jay's experience coming back from major back surgery to  qualifying for Ironman World Championships.  We also introduce a new 10 week power focused bike program that we will introduce each week.


Goal Power Week #1 - 10 minutes at 100-105% of FTP, 5 minutes easy, 5 x 1 minute @ BEST POWER with 2 minute recoveries.

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On today's show we dig DEEP into the TrainingBible Podcast archives and replay a 2008 interview with David Bush about metabolic testing.  Enjoy, we'll be back next week!!

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